Our communication solutions are designed to improve business.

High-quality systems are engineered by creative teams and installed by experienced accredited professionals who listen intently to our customers' needs. When our customers conclude that their communication system is simple and efficient, we have succeeded.

  Unified Messaging

In the very busy world we live in, having information at our fingertips is a necessity.

Unified Messaging provides:

  • Callers with choices from voicemail (based on their Caller ID)
  • Management of all messages in one place—voicemail, email and fax
  • Ability to view and manage callers while they are in your mailbox
  • Access to play your email messages over the phone when you are on the road
  • Access to your voice messages from the Web



while maximizing your resources.

With the click of a button you can connect geographically dispersed employees, customers, partners and suppliers around the world. We offer solutions for audio, video and web-conferencing services that allow increased workplace productivity while maximizing your organization’s time, resources and global communications.


Hosted IT Infrastructure

With low up-front costs and included maintenance, Virtual Private Servers (Windows and Linux) and hosted email solutions (Exchange, POP/IMAP) offer your business a level of flexibility that on-premise capital purchase solutions cannot. Our experts work with you to evaluate your IT needs and enable your business to purchase only the services you need, when you need them, allowing you to better understand and manage your IT budget.


Hosted Voice Communications

By utilizing centralized computing resources, a hosted Public Branch Exchange (PBX) helps Small to Medium Businesses (SMB) and multisite facilities leverage a full-featured business-class phone system while reducing capital expenditures. Our fully managed voice solution allows you to spend time managing your business, not your phones.
We manage your phone system from end-to-end maintaining the PBX, phones, infrastructure and telephone company relationships, making Heart the one source for your voice communication needs.



you need to be reachable at any time.

We are a mobile society. In business, we need to be reachable anywhere, at any time. We design your office desktop phone with all of its associated privileges, preferences and features to have the capability of following you anywhere within reach of an IP or cellular connection. What if you could place, receive and manage calls and messages on secure wireless handsets, on your smartphone or on PCs and tablets equipped for voice calls? You can. Let the experts at Heart provide you with this solution.