The menu of our specialties has been applied in many business models.

Our systems are relevant to almost any organization that uses technology as a means to function. For over 25 years, Heart has created technology solutions with visionary leaders of K-12 schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. To our knowledge, these specialized systems and processes are available only through our firm and for our family of customers.



Heart Technologies, Inc. provides cost-effective technical solutions for the healthcare industry that are designed to enhance patient care and increase revenue.

Our medical consultants have significant experience working with the healthcare industry and are well-versed on this industry's extensive regulations. We understand the impact new technologies are bringing to patient care and cost containment. Heart's custom-tailored, converged solutions maximize your organization's technology budget and ease transition through organized deployment and assisted employee training. Heart provides both wired and wireless solutions depending upon the needs and abilities of your organization. Our customized solutions integrate all of your organization's communications and keep an eye on innovations coming to healthcare.


EducationalToday’s educators have a vision of where they want to take their institutions. It is a clear image of high-tech classrooms, cutting-edge labs and unprecedented access to information. Their question is not where they want to go, but how to get there, especially in light of other concerns such as administration, curriculum and budget constraints. As schools and universities address these challenges and overhaul their practices and teaching methods to change with the times, the right technologies, implemented correctly, will help educators deliver the skills that students need to succeed.

Heart Technologies, Inc. provides schools across the Midwest the latest in communications, data and security technology. We are dedicated to improving the effectiveness and safety of educational environments while increasing the academic performance of all students through innovative technology solutions.