Top Mobile Trends of 2016

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When it comes to technology, one of your first thoughts should be mobile. We are always on the go, and in 2015, 51% of all web connectivity happened on mobile devices. The numbers are only growing from here.

When using mobile devices, messaging rules. Business Insider states that the top four messaging apps have close to 3 BILLION monthly active users, and these users are active, checking these apps almost five times as much as their other apps. In addition, Facebook Messenger is the second most popular messaging app (right behind WhatsApp), creating a very easy way for your business to better connect with your customers.

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There are several reasons why people are turning to messaging apps for communications. The increasing popularity in mobile data usage that resulted in lower cost packages (remember when would cost you a small fortune to surf the web on your cell phone?) as well as cheaper smartphone options and improvement of messaging features created the basis for messaging apps to thrive. Being able to use the Internet on smartphones over WiFi also likely increased the popularity of messaging apps. This means that even if you are in an area with no cell phone signal (such as a warehouse) or if your child doesn’t have a cell phone but has an iPod, communication is still possible.

Social media has also paved the way for a booming messaging app market. Take a look at these screenshots from BuzzFeed, Business Intelligence, and New York Times:

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data mobile messaging apps

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All three of these websites, though very different, all feature sharing options, and all of these options begin with Facebook. We are truly being trained to share our online finds via social media and their attached messaging apps by making it a simple process and displaying it as our first sharing option. What’s great, too, is that you can send these messages from anywhere, and the recipient can receive the message from wherever. You can be browsing through your newsfeed on your commute home, share an article/post/video/photo with a friend via a Facebook message, and your friend can open the message while on their break at work, on their desktop computer at home, on their tablet at the airport, etc. Mobile messaging apps are clearly an innovation that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

How can you connect with your customers using this latest trend in mobile? It’s simple.

  1. Create a Facebook account for your business if you don’t already have one.
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    This is very simple and easy to use if you’re already one of the 162.9 million Americans with an existing account (you’ll have to create a personal account in order to have a business account). It may take a few hours, but your company will increase ratings and standings on Google, improve your SEO, and establish legitimacy and credibility amongst new and potential customers.
  2. Use Facebook to promote your business persona and encourage open communication.
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    Screenshot from Apricot Lane Peoria on Facebook

    Ask for customer feedback. Encourage page viewers to like, comment, or message about products, services, or specials you advertise on your Facebook page. Locally, Apricot Lane Boutique in Peoria does a great job at using Facebook and other social media outlets to promote their merchandise and increase sales. Customers can find pieces they love, then send a Facebook message to reserve the item for pickup and begin the purchase process. This also cuts down on costs of an e-store simply by having a Facebook account.

  3. Facebook Messenger may be rolling out paid advertisements for its Messenger app.
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    Image from Buffer blog

    This could be a great opportunity to get your message into theirs (literally)! A small banner on the top of their Messenger app that informs them of your company may be the newest way to attract an audience right where you want them.