Top Digital Trends for 2016

Top Digital Trends

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It’s halfway through 2016 (we know, we had a hard time believing it, too), and we’ve seen a lot of technological innovations in the past six months. After all, 92% of America owns a cell phone with over 188 million Americans owning smartphones, and nearly two-thirds of the country owns a computer and/or laptop. We’re surrounded by technology everywhere we go, and in order to continue improving our lives, we need to constantly build upon existing technology.

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This brings us to digital trends. With so many innovations being created at such a rapid pace, there are obviously going to be ideas that work better than others. For the next two weeks, we’re going to dive into what digital trends are taking different aspects of our world by storm. The categories we will be exploring are:


Digital Media




Can you guess what facets of these categories are the top features and abilities of today’s technology? You’ll just have to read to find out…

 Flickr: WolfVision

Flickr: WolfVision