Technological Advances for Caretakers

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Flickr: Bev Sykes

When a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, life begins to complicate itself. As you become the caregiver for your loved one, you’re suddenly learning so many new things and how to best provide for him or her. This is the latest life issue being examined by technology. Australian techies are creating an app that gives caretakers a look into what could be causing trouble for your loved one with dementia.

According to Alzheimer’s Association, dementia is a classified as “a wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a person’s ability to perform everyday activities.” In addition to affecting one’s memory, it can also alter reasoning and judgement as well as visual perception. Because of that, aspects of life can suddenly become challenging for your loved ones regardless of how long things have been that way.

When a loved one has an illness like this, it can be difficult on the family when symptoms begin to progress. Suddenly, spatial recognition can become challenging, current settings can become unrecognizable, and things that were once loved become an irritant. If the living space that your loved one is residing in is no longer benefitting them, it can be difficult. No one wants to move their loved one out of their home. What if there was a way to find out what could be bothersome to your loved one without moving?

A new Australian app, however, is being developed to help caretakers of those with dementia better grasp what can become challenging for their loved ones. This app uses video game technology to guide users through a virtual home layout. Little question marks appear around the rooms on walls, decor, and more. Clicking on the question mark explains what can be difficult for dementia sufferers to understand. For example, a room that is white with a white couch against the wall can be difficult for dementia patients to see and understand because of their affected depth perception.


Flickr: Eric Ward

Now, this app is no guarantee to make living in the current residence still the best option for your loved one. If the home layout is confusing or things are still not working, it may be in the best interest of all to look into alternative options. However, this app does have the capability to make living in their current residence easier and/or more manageable.