Snoozing with Smart Technology

snoozing technology

Flickr: donireewalker

They say if you snooze, you lose. Since it’s National Napping Day, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk about how technology is changing the way we sleep. The CDC states that Americans are not getting enough sleep and claiming our insufficient snoozing as a public health problem. Technology is taking the reigns on aiding this growing problem with impressive results.

Now, apps are including technology that monitors the way we sleep. For some, setting them on your bed while you sleep allows them to track sleep patterns. Are you tossing and turning? Moving in your sleep? Sleeping too heavily or too lightly? It’s all tracked and data is collected, creating reports on what you sleep like. Some even go as far to provide recommendations, such as optimal sleep lengths for your lifestyle, best suggested times for going to bed or waking up, and more. Similarly, smartwatches have incorporated this technology into their abilities, seeing as health technology is trending amongst these wearables. Collected data is available either on the watch itself or on its accompanying app on your smartphone or tablet.

New technology is now being incorporated into alarm clock design. It’s no surprise that the alarm clock isn’t as necessary as it used to be with alarm technology available on even the most basic of cell phone models. In order to remain of value, these devices needed to adapt, and they have done so through sleep technology. These clocks are now incorporating lamps to help you wake up to sunrise-like lights, sound soothers, streaming playlists, and monitor the area to ensure the temperature, light, and sound levels are optimal for snoozing.


Flickr: dprotz