Our BEST Hack for a Lost Smartphone

lost smartphone

When you got your smartphone, you filled in your name, your email, a cute selfie, all that good stuff. Here’s the thing: When your phone is lost and a nice stranger picks it up, how are they going to get the phone back to you? If they want to return the phone to its owner, they may ask Siri. Siri will have your name and phone number, but that  won’t help much your phone is in their hands. If you’re using a passcode to protect your smartphone (as you should…wink wink), no one can access your accounts and call your In Case of Emergency contact. So here’s a step-by-step instructional on how to get your phone back if someone finds it.

How to Hack Your Smartphone BEFORE It’s Lost

smartphone recovery

To begin, go to your Contacts app, shown above. You’ll see your contact card at the top. Likely, you have a picture assigned to your contact card, and it will say your name in bold. Click on your contact card. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Once you’ve clicked your contact card, click in the top right corner the word “Edit.”
  2. Look at where your phone number(s) are in your contact card. Underneath the last phone number, there is an option to “add phone.” Click that.
  3. You can customize the label for each phone number added to your contact card. Your smartphone will automatically select a new label for you, but they are changeable. We are going to change the label name, so click that label. In the image below (3), the label is called “home,” but yours may be something different.
  4. Click “Add Custom Label” in order to make up your own name for the phone’s label.
  5. Change the label name to “If Found, Please Call,” or something of that nature. Click “Done” in the top right corner.
    You can now put a number in under that label. Think of who you want someone to call if your phone is stolen (we’ll call that person the “Phone Rescuer”). It may be a parent, spouse, child, etc. Put that person’s phone number into the space next to the label, then click “Done” in the top right corner.
  6. Look at your contact card now. It should show that you have an additional phone number called “If Found, Please Call” with your Phone Rescuer’s number next to it.

Smartphone Hack

If this is in place and your phone is lost and found by a stranger, they can ask Siri who’s phone it is, and she will respond accordingly (with your information instead of ours, of course):

siri smartphone

Don’t have an iPhone?

Don’t worry, there are similar capabilities on your smartphone. Follow the same steps as you would in this tutorial, but be warned that terms and selection options may not carry the same name. If you are still unsure, contact your provider for assistance.