Why You Need to Update Your Technology NOW

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There’s no denying that technology has good and bad. One of those features that goes either way is the need to update your technology. Whether that be devices or software, the truth of the matter is that we often times don’t want to update. It takes time. It takes money. It takes effort. As business people, our lives are chaotic. There is minimal downtime, and the stress of work means we put these essential updates on the back burner.

If we keep holding off and holding off, though, we’re hurting ourselves in the end. From cost to productivity to customer satisfaction, here is why you should really consider making the updates and upgrades today.

Why You Need to Update Your Technology

update your technology, Adele?

When Adele released her video for “Hello” in October 2015, the Internet went CRAZY over her use of a flip phone. Looks like Adele needs to update as well! From Giphy.

  1. Crashes and System Downtime
    When your computer crashes, you are now incapable of doing any technology-based work until the repairs are made. That is, unless you are using cloud computing services and have a spare machine that can be used in the meantime. This means anyone waiting on anything from you–customers, coworkers, potential clients–are now on hold with all of your daily tasks and emails until the machine can be repaired.
    This also becomes an issue with software. If you’re using outdated software that crashes, you’re likely having to go over and over certain parts of your work because they didn’t autosave before the program crashed. This is forcing your job to take longer than necessary and decreasing your efficiency.
  2. Decreased Productivity
    If you’re having technology issues, your main focus shifts from business goals to technology fixes. If an in-house expert is repairing your machine, this is now two people whose focus has shifted from business to non-lucrative tasks since her top priority now is to fix your machine so that you can get back to work.
  3. Increased Cost
    If a technological issue arises, it’s costing us a pretty penny. Now, while that person is unable to work, they are essentially being paid to do nothing while their technology is being repaired. Whomever in-house is repairing the technology is now taking time away from money-earning tasks in order to fix their coworker’s device errors. If new or additional parts need to be purchased, this is also taking more of an impact on the budget.
    Think of it as an old car. You’ve had it for years, and it has been reliable, maybe even becoming a “part of the family.” At some point, though, things are going to start breaking down left and right. It may be a few hundred dollars here, a replacement part there, but around this time, you need to ask yourself if it is worth it financially to continue pumping money into this car. Technology is the same way. Perhaps this computer “still has a few years left in it,” but if those years mean constantly needing repairs, its “quality of life” may be dwindling. It may be time to put down the mouse and purchase new technology.
  4. Security holes
    The longer software is around, the more time for hackers to learn how to break in. So, even though those WordPress plugins need updating very frequently, it’s worth the 60 seconds it takes to make the updates.
  5. Legal and regulatory compliance risk
    Auditors can fine companies that don’t transition from unsupported software. Once the software support is gone, it’s like operating without a warranty–any issues, you’re on your own. Now, imagine if a business, such as a medical facility, was storing your information in outdated software. If the system crashes, your private information could be lost. Records of those long-winded prescriptions you need, your medical history, your personal information and more are now gone. With no support, these businesses can be out of luck, forced to start over from scratch. By putting this information at risk with outdated technology, auditors can force companies to pay up for endangering such important data.
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If your business technology is in need of an update, whether that be software, devices, or solutions, Heart Technologies may be the right answer for you! See our services here, or call 877.494.3278 now for more information.