Local Businesses Grow With Technology

Technology in Local BusinessesEveryone loves local businesses. These shops aren’t big chains giving more and more money to rich big-wigs. Local businesses are your neighbors, your friends, maybe even you. The money spent at these local businesses goes back into the community in payments for piano lessons from the woman down the block, dinner made from fresh ingredients bought at the farmers’ market, and ballet lessons at the local dance company. When people think of local businesses, they think of down-home values, not the latest and greatest in technology. With technology shifting towards scalability and affordability, high-tech businesses may be the way of the future.

Technology provides so many more promotional opportunities for local businesses. There’s the obvious, like websites and social media, but technology is opening so many more doors for businesses than we even realize. Take billboards, for example. Traditionally, one company paid per billboard for a printed advertisement to be put up for a designated length of time. Now, with digital billboards, multiple companies can advertise on the same billboard, making the cost more affordable for companies. The digital aspect allows these advertisements to have more visual appeal and kinetic content, and at night, these signs shine brightly through the darkness.how-to-choose-online

Technology is great because it allows us to connect with one another, and this is no different for businesses. Email marketing has proven successful for many companies as a way to reach out to customers and inform them of sales, specials, and improvements. Emails can be coded to include more customization, such as a recipient’s name, enhancing the personal feel that local business supporters value and crave. By joining local chambers and organizations, your business can be promoted through their efforts as well, whether that be website, emails, advertisements, etc.

Many local businesses are using technology to find new employees. Through professional sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and Opprtunity, businesses have the ability to do so much from wherever is most comfortable and/or convenient for them. If you are looking to fill a position, you can post the opportunity online and include job description, employee skills, company information, and application requirements. Site users can find your job opportunity and apply online. Business owners or hiring personnel can look up these prospective employees to find more information, find mutual connections, and follow up with these colleagues to learn more about the applicant if desired. These user profiles are stuffed with each person’s skills and experience information, giving you a full-blown resume with links, comments, and endorsements. Thanks to this technology, local businesses can find people in the area–or from far away!–who would be best to fill your positions.


Technology is also so beneficial because the possibilities are endless, and all needs are dependent on the business. For example, a local design studio might want cloud solutions so employees can share ideas and collaborate, while a beauty salon may need to focus more on WiFi connections and online appointment-planning tools. Companies may need technology that can shift up with business growth, such as startups. Technology now accommodates this through hosted phones, emails, storage, and more. So many parts of technology, such as digital storage or managed services, provide businesses with the ability to serve as their own administrators or let a company oversee your servers and systems. If your business is looking to grow through technology, look no further than Heart Technologies. Give us a call at 877.494.3278 today.

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