Digital Trends in Online Shopping

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We’ve been shopping online for years. For most, this is a positive experience. People love online shopping because for its convenience. You purchase what you need from the comfort of their home, and the order ships right to your door. A complaint that most online customers likely have is shipping costs.

No one wants to pay for shipping. It usually tacks on an extra $10 or so to your order cost. Sometimes, it kind of feels like you’re just being asked to pay for more things. It’s simply another fee to pay. With the increase in e-commerce, retailers are shipping more and more. This increase in demand for shipping services allows shipping companies, like USPS and FedEx, to raise rates. What does that mean? More money spent on shipping your items.

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As a growing problem for businesses utilizing online shopping, the solution is coming in shipping innovation. How can we keep the fun in online shopping while decreasing the shipment costs? Mega-retailers, like Amazon, are offering their own shipping solutions. You may know this as Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime users pay an annual fee for guaranteed two-day shipping on all Prime-labeled merchandise. Online shopping customers enjoy this for several reasons. First, Prime users justify paying a little extra for Prime products because the shipping costs are “waived.” Customers also appreciate the guaranteed shipping dates. When holidays and birthdays sneak up on us, online shopping customers are glad they have invested in this membership so that their gifts can arrive quickly. Amazon has now innovated further to include Amazon Prime FREE Same Day, which gives Prime members the ability to make purchases that are delivered the same day.

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As smaller companies, though, creating such structured shipping solutions is simply not possible. There are ways around this, though.

  1. Offer a minimum order amount for free shipping. As the saying goes, you gotta spend money to make money. If a customer purchases $75+ worth of merchandise, paying the shipping costs (which may not be any different than a $10 purchase depending on what you’re selling) can create repeat business and a new loyal customer.
  2. Offer in-store pickup on online orders. If you have online shopping customers in Alaska, this may not be an option for them. This option could encourage nearby customers to support local. This gives a fair compromise of shopping in their PJs from home, but allows them to cut the shipping cost (and your trip to the post office!). Your company sets the rules, if they’d like, such as purchases must be picked up within five days. Customers picking up online shopping purchases in the store also presents the opportunity for another item to catch their eye when they arrive to grab their purchases. Perhaps she’ll be adding that scarf to her order at the register!
  3. Make shipping worth the cost. If the packaging looks nice and/or is reusable, then shipping costs contain a value to customers. Fun patterned or bright colored tissue paper and the traditional white you may be using cost the same about of money. The excitement and emotion your customer receives from opening these packages does differ.

Regardless of how your online shopping customers are getting their purchases from you, your website needs to be backed up and protected. Your customers trust your business with their sensitive information, like credit card numbers and address. You mustn’t lose that trust. For all things security online, trust Heart Technologies with your needs. Give us a call at 877.494.3278 to get the local company central Illinois has relied on for their technology needs since 1987.