Putting Your Health Tracker to Good Use

Every Fitbit, Jawbone, and iWatch user is checking their steps, looking at their sleep patterns, and browsing other features custom to your health tracker. Besides looking at your tracker’s data, what are you doing with it? Probably nothing. Have you ever considered that this collected data could be helpful to your healthcare provider? Seeing your […]

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Wearables in Healthcare

Wearables are definitely gaining popularity. iWatches, Fitbits, Google Glass, GoPros, and so many other wearables are used by 21% of Americans currently, and that number is bound to increase. We have primarily seen wearables as a tool for fitness tracking, but the healthcare industry is adapting wearables to improve patients’ experience in and out of […]

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What is IoT?

If you’re looking into any tech-related news or articles lately, you’ll recognize the acronym “IoT.” Just about everything is somehow related to IoT or mentioning IoT or hey, maybe they’re just throwing in “IoT” to seem relevant. After a solid two months of scanning article after article and title after title referencing IoT, I had […]

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