Fresh Look at Heart Headquarters

In the past few years, Heart Technologies has undergone some new changes in the look and feel of our company. The logo design was altered. Our exterior underwent repainting. Sun-bleached red awnings swapped out for sleek metal-inspired coverings. A faded outdoor banner replaced with a bold new display. Last week, our updates continued with brand […]

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Governor and Good Causes: This Week at Heart

It’s been quite an exciting week here at Heart Technologies! Spring seems to be a busy time for many, and we are no exception. With a governor visit, employees coming together, end-of-the-year wrap ups, and Great HEART Give, there isn’t a dull moment in our offices! As many may know, Heart Technologies enjoys helping the […]

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How to Use iPhone Night Shift Mode

More #FirstWorldProblems resolved in the new version of iOS 9.3, available for download now on your iPhone and iPad: the introduction of night shift mode. Night shift mode changes the brightness of your phone at designated times (such as at night), to make your screen more easy to view in dark surroundings (such as in […]

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