Can Social Media HELP Transportation?

DISCLAIMER: Heart Technologies does not support nor promote the use of mobile devices while operating motorized vehicles. Use of your phone, unless doing so with hands-free capabilities, is illegal and dangerous. Practice safe driving, and never text, browse social media, or use your phone while driving. For more information, click here. If you’ve driven in […]

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Our Kids Online: Building & Protecting Their Digital Footprints

Every parent worries about their child online, and with good reason. With an excess of security and data breaches lately, it’s clear that many adults do not how to properly and/or safely use the Internet. How can we expect our kids, who have so much to learn and much more growing and developing to do, […]

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Social Media 101

Educators are frequently trying to tie students’ interests and hobbies into their teaching techniques. When video games grew in popularity, so did educational video games. When the Internet became popular, the amount of educational websites increased. In the past ten years, social media sites have become an incredibly influential tool in communication, news reporting, and […]

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