Heart Technologies is Thankful for Our Communities

There are so many things–and people–that each of us is surrounded by everyday; many of which we take for granted. It seems there’s always something bigger or more pressing on the horizon: work, house chores, errands, sleep. In some unfortunate cases, it seems we don’t realize the wonderful around us until it’s too late. With […]

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Local Businesses Grow With Technology

Everyone loves local businesses. These shops aren’t big chains giving more and more money to rich big-wigs. Local businesses are your neighbors, your friends, maybe even you. The money spent at these local businesses goes back into the community in payments for piano lessons from the woman down the block, dinner made from fresh ingredients […]

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Veterans in Technology

For years at a time, our brave men and women serve overseas to fight and protect our freedom. After years of action and spontaneity, they return to the U.S. ready for a stable career. They look to booming industries to provide them with jobs that will keep them provide an engaging and challenging work style […]

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