Should We Hang Up on the Idea of Office Phones?

Office phones have been on the decline since 2008. For many businesses, they believe that switching to communications systems that integrate your employees’ smartphones and other devices. Understandably so, really. According to Pew Research, about 64% of American adults own a smartphone. These phones offer so many features and capabilities that can keep your employees connected […]

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Why You Should Love Clouds

We love clouds, and we’re not talking cumulonimbus or cirrus. We’re talking cloud services. They’re truly amazing. This month, we’re focusing on clouds. We know the questions you have, and we hope to be able to answer some of these queries. What are they? How can we use them to maximize our potential? Can we […]

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Simplify Your Life With Technology

This Sunday is Simplicity Day, a day when we are supposed to enjoy life’s little simplicities and disregard what complicates our lives, if only for a day. Sounds nice, right? This got us thinking: Why can’t every day be Simplicity Day? In the grand scheme of things, technology is constantly being created to advance us […]

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