Are Your Employees Putting Your Business At Risk?

Sure, you trust your employees, but could they be unintentionally be putting your business is danger? Purposefully or not, your employees may be making your company a target for trouble. We all want to avoid business risk, but before we dive in, you have to first ask yourself these questions:   Does your company allow employees […]

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LifeLine Pilots Wins Great HEART Give 2015!

Congratulations LifeLine Pilots, our Great HEART Give 2015 winner! LifeLine Pilots’ mission is to facilitate free air transportation through volunteer pilots for patients and their families who require specialized medical care but are experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford the cost of lengthy transportation. In addition, LifeLine Pilots complete humanitarian missions in times of disaster by […]

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Saving Your Searches: What Recent Google Features Mean For Your Security

This week, Google made it possible for its users to download their search histories. By signing in and accepting the terms and conditions, Google emails you a .zip file with all of your past searches and the date and time it was searched. It sounds cool, but is it worth your risk? First, why has […]

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