Company Success and Cloud Services

So now that we know what the cloud is, why should we use it?  There are so many benefits to using a cloud to house your business’s information. If your want to see growth and continued success in your company, using cloud services is crucial. One of these benefits is cost. We live in a […]

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Lifting the Fog on Cloud Services

The cloud is a trending topic in technology. Everywhere you go, you’re hearing about the cloud, saving things to the cloud, backing up to the cloud. Have you ever stopped to think, what is the cloud? Explaining what the cloud is can get very complex very quickly. The overall concept, however, is quite simple. Think […]

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Saving Your Searches: What Recent Google Features Mean For Your Security

This week, Google made it possible for its users to download their search histories. By signing in and accepting the terms and conditions, Google emails you a .zip file with all of your past searches and the date and time it was searched. It sounds cool, but is it worth your risk? First, why has […]

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