Cybersecurity: Why It Matters That You Care

Cybersecurity is booming. If you work in the technology industry, follow technology news, or, likely, if you whisper the word “technology,” you will be bombarded with information about online hackers, account safety, privacy, and cybersecurity. This gets exhausting. When we are constantly inundated with information about the same topic over and over again, regardless of […]

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Cybersecurity in Healthcare

It’s no secret that as technology innovates, it is adopted by different sectors of industry and adapted to best meet its needs. Updated technology comes its own set of risks, though, so hearing of the several cybersecurity breaches that have occurred in the medical field recently is less than surprising. No one wants to have […]

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Your Three Options In Cloud Security

Clouds are so incredibly useful, so why are companies shying away from cloud services? Number one reason: security. We tend to not trust what we don’t fully understand, and since cloud services is a complicated concept to wrap your mind around, it may be tough to fully trust. This month, we hope to ease the […]

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