Digital Subscriptions: The Netflix of News

It’s no secret that the rise in technology and Internet usage has resulted in a decline in newspaper readership. Since this correlation was discovered, newspapers have been searching for ways to stay relevant. The numbers don’t lie: print newspapers are becoming less and less desired: News has recently been shifting towards the direction that many […]

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Governor and Good Causes: This Week at Heart

It’s been quite an exciting week here at Heart Technologies! Spring seems to be a busy time for many, and we are no exception. With a governor visit, employees coming together, end-of-the-year wrap ups, and Great HEART Give, there isn’t a dull moment in our offices! As many may know, Heart Technologies enjoys helping the […]

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Lessons from Apple & San Bernardino

The news currently is inundated with information about the San Bernardino shooting in December of 2015. While this tragic event occurred months ago, meaning it would normally be out of the newsroom at this point, this case has resurfaced because of cybersecurity. While the FBI continues their investigation into this case, they are asking Apple […]

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