Is Someone Else Using Your Computer?

Living with another person–be that a roommate, significant other, child, or someone else–challenges you in more ways than one. One of those ways may be the use of your computer. Perhaps you don’t want your roommate stealing your study guides or you’ve grounded your son or daughter for misbehavior. Either way, someone’s accessing your device […]

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Automation: Victory Through Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has been around for decades. The footage collected from cameras have become evidence in numerous court cases, have been the smoking gun for prosecutors to make arrests, have saved accused citizens from being charged with crimes they did not commit, and have brought to light what exactly occurred in a non-biased format. According […]

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Automation: Remote Access Simplicity

IoT is blowing up so much because it integrates all of your gadgets and gizmos via Internet connection. Now, you can do so many basic tasks from remote locations, from drawing the blinds to turning on lights to recording a television program. With the tap of a screen, the world gets simpler, thanks to a […]

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