Cyber Monday Security Tips

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday season is officially in full swing! Whether you have a religious holiday coming up or just want in on some bargains, odds are, you’ll be looking at the Cyber Monday sales. This year is a bit different than previous years, though, and that’s because of the insane amounts of […]

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Cloud Services In a Nutshell

Cloud services, from communication to data storage, is a great solution that can be customized to fit any size business. No matter what you use it for, cloud services provide you with the following: Quality service Rapid speed User-friendly experience, regardless of technical knowledge Ability to have as much or as little control of your service/maintenance […]

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Data Breach–Now What?

Data breaches are no walk in the park. Unfortunately, 43% of companies in 2014 experienced data breaches,  resulting in billions of dollars in losses and recovery expenses. Once it happens, what do you do? Here are some tips: Isolate Your Network Change your account information for all servers and online accounts that contain important and/or […]

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