My iPad Doesn’t Recognize My WiFi!

This weekend, I drove to Chicago, my hometown, to surprise my father for his birthday. Upon arriving home, I texted my parents to tell them I had made it back. I then went to Snapchat to send a snap message. I looked in the top left corner of my phone: LTE. Despite being in my […]

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A Safe and Happy Independence Day

With Independence Day just around the corner, everyone is looking forward to a day of celebration and fun with friends and family. Being a company with strong focus on life safety and security, we want to share the following tips and tidbits with you to ensure a safe Independence Day for all. Fireworks Safety Only set […]

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How to Use iPhone Night Shift Mode

More #FirstWorldProblems resolved in the new version of iOS 9.3, available for download now on your iPhone and iPad: the introduction of night shift mode. Night shift mode changes the brightness of your phone at designated times (such as at night), to make your screen more easy to view in dark surroundings (such as in […]

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