WiFi Wherever With Apple Hotspot

Stress surrounds us: work, family, kids, bills, and the list goes on. So when you can, vacation provides a much-needed getaway. For some, a beach far away serves the perfect relaxing atmosphere. For others, a sunset on a front porch swing out in the middle of nowhere acts as the ideal place to be. In […]

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My iPad Doesn’t Recognize My WiFi!

This weekend, I drove to Chicago, my hometown, to surprise my father for his birthday. Upon arriving home, I texted my parents to tell them I had made it back. I then went to Snapchat to send a snap message. I looked in the top left corner of my phone: LTE. Despite being in my […]

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Celebrating Apple: Our Top Mac Hacks Revealed!

Happy Apple II Day!  On this day in 1977, Apple II was released. This home computer came in two forms. You could buy it fully functional, including a monitor (in color!), power supply, keyboard, and protective case. Your other option was to purchase only the circuit board, giving techies the ability and joy of building […]

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