Microsoft Office in the Car Makes Work Inescapable

  Harman, the consumer electronics company that specializes in car technologies, is adding Microsoft Office Suite to new cars’ infotainment systems. This means that touchscreen in your dashboard that lets you call Mom hands-free and change the radio station will now allow you to make PowerPoint presentations at stoplights. It’s like having the convenience of […]

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Cloud Types: The Hybrid Cloud

The term “hybrid cloud” elicits a very distinct mood. To me, it sounds like some kind of crazy Transformer-like system that is the result of odd cross-breeding. To others, it reminds them of hybrid cars, giving off the feeling of green living. A hybrid cloud, though, is a connecting cloud system that serves as a […]

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Thankful for Technology: Encouraging Progress

An essential part of a happy existence is recognizing the good around you. While we celebrate all that we have to be thankful for this month, we first look at the reason our company exists: technology. There are so many amazing features of technology that we take for granted each and every day, and it’s […]

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