Top Finance & Payment Trends of 2016

The last year has brought so many changes to the financial aspect of business. Last year’s big push toward chip cards, presented a lot to work through to standardize this payment method. As you’re probably aware, these issues and tweaks are still being worked through. The end result will provide us with safer transactions and […]

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Cyber Monday Security Tips

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday season is officially in full swing! Whether you have a religious holiday coming up or just want in on some bargains, odds are, you’ll be looking at the Cyber Monday sales. This year is a bit different than previous years, though, and that’s because of the insane amounts of […]

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Tell-Tale Signs That You’ve Been Hacked

Your computer can be hacked at any time. There are several warning signs that can tell you if someone has unauthorized access to your accounts. Online/Virtual Breaches You’ve been locked out of your account. Emails about changes to your account that you did not authorize. Password changes. Check-ins on different computers. Activity at abnormal times […]

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