Technology Influencing the Classroom Layout

Technology is becoming more and more of an essential in the educational environment. The traditional classroom layout was created to best suit that style of teaching and learning. Now that our educating methods are changing and technology’s importance is increasing, the classroom layout needs to alter to accommodate these changes and improve the learning environment […]

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Online Classes Aren’t As Bad As You Think

A recent survey found that students who have not taken an online course are increasingly interested in the opportunity to do so. These students cited a desire to have more control over their learning and believing that they will get more support from an online teacher. Those surveyed felt that math and foreign language were their top […]

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Technology in the Classroom

As our world shifts to a digital platform, our education systems must follow. The days of textbooks and paper handouts as our only learning tools are long gone. Now, there are digital textbooks, videos, online games, PowerPoint presentations, and so many other ways for students to use the Internet and technology to learn. Technology in […]

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