Can Firewalls Leave You Running For Cover?

Firewalls protect against all cyber attacks. True or False? FALSE. So many companies believe that this is all that’s required for cybersecurity, and it’s a costly mistake. Firewalls filter traffic and act as a barrier to many harmful viruses that your computer or other devices may have otherwise received. However, firewalls are not the end […]

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Tell-Tale Signs That You’ve Been Hacked

Your computer can be hacked at any time. There are several warning signs that can tell you if someone has unauthorized access to your accounts. Online/Virtual Breaches You’ve been locked out of your account. Emails about changes to your account that you did not authorize. Password changes. Check-ins on different computers. Activity at abnormal times […]

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How Employee Assessment Can Enhance Your Company’s Security

In our last blog, we stressed the importance of employees only having access to what he or she needs to better ensure company security. Something important to keep in mind, however, is that over-securing your information can result have negative side effects to your business. If an employee doesn’t have access to something he or […]

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