Your Vacation Tech Guidelines

As the last few weeks of summer approach, families frantically plan for one final vacation getaway. As children grow older, parents realize that each break may be your last chance to take a family vacation. Sports camps, summer jobs, and spending time with friends becomes more of an importance to young people as puberty progresses. […]

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Is it Bluetooth or WiFi?

In our world, there are two forms of data transmission: Bluetooth and WiFi. Both accomplish very different things, yet can easily be confused. WiFi and Bluetooth can be found on basically every smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and both are used to transmit data wirelessly. They can be used separately or in conjunction with one another. […]

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Tech Gifts for Every Dad

Fathers play a large role in a person’s life. They teach us to ride our bikes, tie our shoes, and how to drive. They stand by us in difficult times, drying our tears and telling us to trust that everything will be alright. They cheer with us in our times of triumph, proud of the […]

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