Your Three Options In Cloud Security

Clouds are so incredibly useful, so why are companies shying away from cloud services? Number one reason: security. We tend to not trust what we don’t fully understand, and since cloud services is a complicated concept to wrap your mind around, it may be tough to fully trust. This month, we hope to ease the […]

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App Review: Evernote

  If you know one business app, then it is probably Evernote. Evernote is a digital note-taking and organization app created with the premise that this one app will allow you to never forget anything ever again. Instead of exercising your brain and trying to expand it, Evernote assists you in tracking everything from daily thoughts to […]

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Malicious Flashlight App? The Surprising Truth

Have you downloaded a flashlight app? According to this video, it could be secretly malicious, stealing information from your phone. Watch the video below:   Gary Miliefsky is the CEO of SnoopWall, a company centered around cybersecurity. According to this news segment, flashlight apps downloaded from your mobile device’s app store may be snooping into […]

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