Digital Subscriptions: The Netflix of News

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Image from The Guardian

It’s no secret that the rise in technology and Internet usage has resulted in a decline in newspaper readership. Since this correlation was discovered, newspapers have been searching for ways to stay relevant. The numbers don’t lie: print newspapers are becoming less and less desired:

print newspaper subscriptions chart

From Pew Research Center

News has recently been shifting towards the direction that many other media forms have found successful: subscriptions. In the early 2010’s, newspaper subscriptions, allowing you to get the same stories from your favorite newspaper digitally anytime, began emerging. Now, Blendle is taking it one step further to offer pay-per-article subscription options.

subscriptions to newspapers on smartphone

Image from University of Toronto

This may be a step in the right direction. According to the Newspaper Association of America, over 90% of online adults aged 22-45 partook in digital newspaper reading. Half of this online viewership takes place on mobile devices, and 80% of that half was consumed solely on smartphones. What this data presents is that the younger demographic, whom so many people see as a threat to traditional newspapers because of their attachment to technology, are not threatening the future of newspapers, but instead responding positively to the same product in a digital format.

Are “traditional” newspaper online subscriptions better than Blendle’s new proposed subscriptions? This may be too soon to tell. However, the numbers do not lie, and these numbers indicate that news media is on the right path through online subscriptions services.

online subscriptions to newspaper

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