Veterans in Technology


For years at a time, our brave men and women serve overseas to fight and protect our freedom. After years of action and spontaneity, they return to the U.S. ready for a stable career. They look to booming industries to provide them with jobs that will keep them provide an engaging and challenging work style they are used to but also providing the balanced routine that these jobs often offer. According to Fortune Magazine, the top 6 industries to get into include three technology-based industries. For this reason and many others, veterans are gravitating towards technology for their futures.

When a veteran returns from service, he or she has gained so many life skills and leadership experiences that can be beneficial in any career path they choose. However, some have a difficulty finding the proper fit for their expertise. Technology provides a beneficial outlet for these veterans. Technology can be extremely unpredictable. Problems arise, as with any job, and it can be challenging to discover where the problem is originating from or why things are malfunctioning. Some problems require more time and extensive searching in order to find what the underlying issue is,  and in these cases, there can be an abundance of knowledge to learn and experience to gain in the resolution of this problem.

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Technology also is highly kinesthetic, which appeals to many veterans. You are working with your hands to create, to manipulate, to discover and reshape. Technology allows us to work with microchips and nanoparts to get devices up and running, work in codes to build websites and applications, and test out digital media in UX/UI design fields. After years of living and experiencing their work, veterans are able to really immerse themselves in this hands-on field.

Technology also gives veterans the opportunity to help others and make an impact, which is something that appeals to many. Many veterans were able to see the impact they were making in their time in the service. For some, this was in interacting with children or families as they protected towns and schools. For others, this may have been in helping a fellow soldier in times of hardship or loss. No matter, helping others becomes something many veterans value, and technology becomes an outlet to do serve others for a living. Technology was conceived to solve problems and better our lives. A lot of satisfaction can be found in technology because the solutions being found or created are having a positive impact on someone else’s life.

Being a part of something bigger than yourself is a huge draw to many veterans, as this is a value instilled in them during training and their time serving our country. Technology, through service to others, hand-on interaction, and putting skills to good use, provides its workers with the work environment and experience they desire.


On this Veterans’ Day, we thank the good men and women who sacrifice their lives to defend our freedom and fight for the freedom of others. We thank those who currently serve and those who have already served us; those who gave some, and those who gave all. On this day, take a moment and remember to be thankful for all of those who give all they can to ensure that all people have the opportunity to live their best lives, and as always, bless the USA.