Valentine’s Day Technology

As technology enthusiasts, we know that your devices can be used to make life easier, and in some cases, better. Why would Valentine’s Day be any exception? No! Here are some great ways that technology can help you so much this holiday, you’ll be singing this:

Napoleon Dynamite. Perf. Jon Heder, Aaron Ruell. 20th Century Fox, 2004. DVD.

Technology for Valentine’s Day 2016


valentine's dinner reservation

OpenTable is a website and app that helps you find and make reservations. Needing to get your Valentine’s dinner scheduled? Use this free service to find a restaurant and get your table reserved without having to step outside the office to make a call. Score!


valentine app Some couples like to gift a future trip or activity (like a massage or baseball game) for V-Day. The problem with this is planning without knowing their schedule. Avocado is an app just for couples. Through your account (with shared password!), you and your partner can securely share calendars, messages, pictures, grocery lists, and more with only each other.

Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go

valentines day apps gotta goFor some, Valentine’s Day may be a first encounter for a new couple. What if it  goes horribly wrong, though? Most would advise texting a friend to call with a bail-out plan. However, this may not be possible on the day of *romance* when odds are, they are probably with their significant other as well. Enter Gotta Go, an app that lets you create your own bogus excuse to get out of a disastrous situation, or in this case, date. Create your own excuse, choose who is trying to contact you, and BAM! An expert-level justification to leave the dreadful situation.