Tech Gift Guide 2015

Tech Gifts

With the year coming to an end, this is a popular time to give gifts to friends, family, and colleagues as a token of appreciation and camaraderie or love. However, these people can also be an absolute nightmare to shop for. Whether it be they already have everything they could ever need or they’re just plain picky, we all have people that, well, let’s just say we’d rather wrestle with an alligator than have to go through the process of finding them a gift. Fret not, for we at Heart Technologies have come up with a guide to the best tech gift for every person on your list. Better yet, all of these items are on Amazon Prime (free two-day shipping!) because we know you’re probably behind on your shopping–you’re welcome.

Tech Gift Guide 2015

For Mom: Nest Cam, $185

Tech Gift - Nest Surveillance

This home surveillance camera features 1080p HD video capabilities with night vision. Video can be streamed to your smartphone via app, and receive alerts when motion is detected. You can even talk and have your voice projected into the room through the camera!

Why get this for Mom: Now Mom can keep an eye on the house when Dad’s in charge (or worse–your older brother), or check on the dogs while at work. Nest Cams also come with a 30-day trial of Nest Aware, its ” 24/7 continuous recording and powerful cloud algorithms that give you personalized alerts.” If Mom likes it, you can pay for her subscription for her birthday. Two gifts in one? I’d call that a win.

For Dad: Logitech Harmony Remote, $232

Tech Gift - Logitech RemoteThis remote isn’t a mere channel switching device. Well, actually, it is, but it does much more than that. Connect all your devices along with locks, blinds, lights, thermostats, and more for complete control of your home in one nifty remote. It can turn things on through cabinet doors and in different rooms. Download the app as well to get this universal control from your smartphone or tablet as well.

Why get this for Dad: Remember as a kid when your dad would call you in from the other room to change the channel because he didn’t want to get off of the couch? This remote allows him to do that and then some, except for now you don’t have to move either.

For (Teenage) Siblings: Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case, $40

Tech Gift - Battery Charging Phone CaseThis protective case features a battery charger that will replenish your phone’s dwindling battery when necessary and shut off charging power once your phone hits 100%. The case is said to extend the length of your battery life by 120%, which can be a lifesaver on those busy days you end up using your phone more than usual. It is designed for constant use, meaning that all ports are accessible and a built-in sound chamber ensures that you lose minimal sound strength from your external speaker. The case’s LED power meter will even inform you when the case needs to be plugged in for recharging, and is rated stars higher than its twice-as-expensive competitors.

Why get this for siblings: There is nothing more unfortunate than a dying phone, and for tech-obsessed teenagers, this can be devastating. How will they survive family functions without being able to constantly text their friends? Be the hero of the holidays with this awesome phone case.

For nieces/nephews: LEGO Fusion Set Town Master, $35

Tech Gift - LEGO Fusion Town Master

This is genius. LEGO Fusion products combine gaming and building into one cool toy any kid will enjoy. Use LEGO pieces to build (in this case, towns, but they have several different options like Resort Designer or Battle Tower) on the provided plate, and use the app on a tablet or smartphone to play with your created buildings in a custom digital game!

Why get this for nieces/nephews/kids: This concept marries two of your (likely) favorite games growing up: Legos and Tycoon computer games. Kids can use the hands-on portion to physically create their own structures and explore with building, and then see their creations in application through digital gaming. This toy was created with tons of research to back up its belief that this is the way of the future for kids’ play.

For Grandma and/or Grandpa: Tile Bluetooth Tracker, $25

Tech Gift - Tile Tracker

Tile is a Bluetooth-powered tracking device perfect for keys, wallets, and any other item you need and (often) misplace. If you can’t find it, open up the Tile app on your smartphone or tablet, and you can make the Tile create sounds to find it, see its GPS location on a map, or report the item as lost and be alerted when it is found.

Why get this for grandma/grandpa: I don’t know about you, but my grandparents both would probably lose their heads if they weren’t connected to their bodies. The number of times we’ve been late to family functions because grandma couldn’t find her keys or grandpa doesn’t remember where he put his wallet at. After a quick tutorial (and probably writing and/or printing out step-by-step directions for them), they’ll be able to find their items with ease.

For your friends: Fuse Chicken Bobine Charge Cable/Stand, $35

Tech Gift - Bobine Charging Cord

This cord is awesome. Think of it like a giant paperclip that can charge your phone. Use its strong stability as a stand for FaceTiming, photos, videos, and so much more. This cord is also near indestructible, so if they’re the type to destroy cords pretty easily, this could be a lifesaver.

Why buy this for your friends: Think of all the hands-free pictures your selfie-obsessed friend can take. Think of how easy your foodie friend can watch her cooking tutorials in the kitchen. Think of how happy your directionally-challenged friend will be when he can use his Maps app AND charge his phone at the same time on road trips for business. There is no downside to this.

Tech Gift

Regardless of what you’re giving this season, remember that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. At the heart of all the hooplah that is the holidays is the sentiment of showing someone you care about them, not the actual present. Keep the spirit of the season  in your heart, and it will always be full.