Tax Refund Treats

tax refund treats

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It’s tax time again! After you’ve filed your papers, you’re likely expecting a refund of some sort from the government. What to do with your new bonus? We’ve got a few ideas…

tax dollars

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If you want to save….

Transfer your funds to your savings account as soon as you receive your refund. This can be done electronically in many cases. Many banks offer apps that allow you to take pictures of your checks in lieu of taking it to your local branch. If you receive a paper check in the mail, transferring the funds to your savings account is easy this way. Contact your bank to see if this option is available.

tax refund to travel

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If you like to travel…

Why not take your tax dollars on the trip of a lifetime? Groupon offers a Getaways section that can book trips, lodging, flights, cruises, and more for a local weekend away or bigger vacation abroad. There are a multitude of other online travel websites that can assist you in finding vacations, booking a place (or places!) to stay, finding local attractions, and more.

tax refund to charity

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If you enjoy helping others…

Donate your tax refund to a charity. There are tons of places in your local area that are looking for donations as well as tons of national organizations. For tips on how to choose the right charitable organization for you, Forbes created a list of things to consider before opening your wallet.

tax refund class

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If you miss your school days…

Enroll in a class to get your mind moving! This can be a class at a community college, an online course, or one at a local business. These classes can be more traditional courses like philosophy or sciences, skills-based courses like massage therapy or web design, or purely enjoyment classes, like cake decorating or scrapbooking. Course availabilities and schedules are often available online on the business website or through a Google search.

tax refund experience

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If you’re needing an experience…

What is that one thing you’ve always wanted to do? Are you an adrenaline junkie wanting to jump out of an airplane, or perhaps you think your hectic lifestyle could be calmed with a zen yoga session. Whatever experience your heart desires, take advantage of it. Once again, Groupon can be a good option to find these experiences at a discounted rate, but following local businesses, like skydiving companies or yoga studios, on social media can help you be the first to know about deals, class schedules and availabilities, and more.

tax refund business tech

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If you’re a business…

Odds are, you have technology needs that need to be updated, or worse, aren’t being met. Take your tax refund money to invest in your business technology needs. Heart Technologies has been trusted by central Illinois businesses of all sizes for over 25 years, and our quality solutions and service will work for you. See our solutions here and give us a call at 877.494.3278 for more information.