Super Bowl 50 Features Improved Technology

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Flickr: Josh Hallett

This Sunday is the Super Bowl, and whether you’re rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos, there’s one thing we’re all hoping for: reliable technology. When it comes to technology and football, the past few years have not had the best of relationships. As early as this January, all hell broke loose when the Microsoft Surface technology malfunctioned, wreaking havoc on the Broncos/Patriots game. Also, how could any of us forget the Superbowl XLVII blackout in 2013, when a power outage delayed the game 34 minutes (but hey, at least we got to see Beyoncé). As you can see, technology and the NFL may not always mix well. However, with this year’s game being held in San Francisco, fans are expected to get the Bay Area treatment one can only expect from the technology hub of America.

Levi’s Stadium, where SuperBowl 50 will be held, boasts, “40 gigabits per second of Internet bandwidth, massive video boards and more cameras than other professional football venue.” This alone will provide six angles of replay video for every moment of game play. The massive WiFi network hosted at the stadium will allow its 68,500 people capacity to get food delivered to their seats, snap selfies and text their friends. This improved technology will add an entirely new element to the game for stadium attendees.

improved technology levis stadium

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The improved technology doesn’t stop there, though. A fan village in San Francisco has been erected called “Super Bowl City.” It was designed for the football fans that have made the trek out to California but may not be going to the game. The “city” is currently up and running until February 7. City visitors can experience a 15-foot-tall video wall  in a massive dome with and interactive games as well as a special app designed to navigate around, connect with friends, and more. An app designed specifically for Super Bowl 50 will let users view the game once it’s on television, see celebrity guests, and purchase merchandise.

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