Simplify Your Life With Technology

simplify your life with technology

This Sunday is Simplicity Day, a day when we are supposed to enjoy life’s little simplicities and disregard what complicates our lives, if only for a day. Sounds nice, right? This got us thinking: Why can’t every day be Simplicity Day? In the grand scheme of things, technology is constantly being created to advance us and simplify our lives, so why do we need a day to devote to simplistic living?

The truth is, technology does make our lives simpler. Can you imagine getting through a week without a washer and dryer, vacuum, or phone? New technologies are being created everyday, and there are so many that we aren’t using. We’ve compiled just three of the technologies that you may not be using, but should if you’re looking to simplify daily living.


  1. Bill Autopay
    Automatic bill pay is great because it takes the bill amount on a set day each month instead of you having to log in and manually pay online. The trick with automatic bill pay, though, is to track the date your payments will be taken out (put it on your iCal or synched calendar for added simplicity–all your calendars will have the date listed!) and make sure it is a secure website (you can take Heart out of Safety Month, but you can’t take Safety Month out of Heart). This can be done through a website, but sometimes, like for utilities, it has to be done through your bank. This can be checked with a quick call to the company or visit to their website.
  2. RSS Readers
    Signing up for an RSS reader can be a total game-changer for getting your news. Find the best RSS fit for you (at Heart, we use Feedly), and create an account. They’ll ask for your interests, and some let you include you your favorite news sources to include. The reader then compiles articles of interest to you in one webpage, making it quick and simple to get all your news!
  3. Cloud Usage
    Clouds can truly be your best friend when used correctly. Cloud service accounts, like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, or ownCloud, often come with free account membership (you may have to pay based on how much storage you need). These services have website and app interfaces, making it extremely easy to share files to any of your devices or other people. Dropbox is now allowing for files to be shared amongst Dropbox users and non-users, and other services are sure to be following suit shortly. If you work remotely, share documents with family or friends, or need synchronization on your devices, cloud services are a necessity for simplification.

This Simplicity Day, take a few moments to make sure you’re getting the most out of your technology, and allow yourself to unwind from life’s chaos. You deserve it.