How Technology in Summer is Worse Than Not Getting a Rose, and How to Fix It

technology in summer

If you’re anything like us, you love your technology. It’s what keeps us running, in touch with our family and friends, and connects us to the (virtual) world around us. If you’re anything like us, though, you probably also love this summer weather. After work, on your lunch break, or on your day off, you could find us enjoying the sunshine on a bike trail, at a ball game, or relaxing poolside. While we’d love to have our cake and eat it too, we can’t. Technology and summer simply do not mix. From water to heat, summer can take a toll on our devices.

Because this is Fun Friday, let’s pretend we’re on one of those cliche dating reality TV shows. If it came down to technology and summer, we’d choose our technology. It provides us with more benefits that we frankly can’t seem to live without anymore. However, there are a few things we would give a rose to that can help your devices and summer weather live in better harmony.

Who Gets the Rose?






If you have your technology out in the open during those hot summer days, put your devices in the shade. The heat can cause problems with your battery’s ability to properly function, and we all know there’s no such thing as too long of a battery life. If your device gets too hot, it will often temporarily shut down and/or alert you to remove it from the heat source. If you’re not paying attention or not near your device when it overheats, though, your device could die a heat-related death. To avoid this, keep your devices in the shade as much as possible.










Cooling Pads

If you can’t avoid keeping your device out of the sun, invest in a cooling pad. Towels and blankets can trap heat, hurting your devices. Cooling pads have built-in fans and cooling channels that keeps your technology from overheating. At about $25-$50 per pad, these are an affordable purchase to save your devices from the warm summer weather.









All of your devices should be covered no matter what, but there are some cases that are ideal for summer. Waterproof cases, like Otterbox and Lifeproof, can save your phone from tragedies related to falls or water damage. Smartskin Sheaths are slip-on wrappers for your phones that can keep the nooks and crannies of your phone free of sand, dust, dirt, and other outdoor particles that can hide in your smartphone. If you’re into water sports or hiking with your technology, take a look at DryCASE products. These cases can bags are way more protective than a zip-close sandwich bag, because you can actually use your smartphone or tablet underwater up to 100 feet. They also come with cool features like waterproof headphone jacks and buoyant arm bands.




At the end of the day, summer conditions and technology, though not able to get along on their own, can coincide, but only if you take the necessary precautions. Now, you can enjoy your fun in the sun knowing your devices are safe.