Relax with Technology

Technology Relaxation

Technology keeps you from being able to fully relax, or so they say. While the research may suggest that, there are gadgets and apps that can actually help instead of hurt. At Heart, we believe you can relax with technology. Here, we’ve chosen some cool finds that you may not know about. Give them a try, and soon enough, you’ll be feeling completely at ease.

Relax with Technology – Listen to PodcastsYour grandparents did it (kind of) to unwind with the family after dinner each night, and now you, too, can enjoy listening to entertaining content with your family, your pet, or on your own. There are so many awesome podcast options out there on virtually any topic you can think of. Murder mysteries? Check. Music and artist bios? Check. Fashion advice? Check. That’s just the start of it. Many podcasts are mostly spoken word with background music, so it’s easy to drift away in the stories. Also, without flickering brightness of a TV, you don’t have to worry about light distractions that can distract you. Podcasts can be downloaded and listened to on the go, or streamed from your Internet browser. They’re also free, but most rely on listener donations to stay in business. If you need recommendations, Wired has great suggestions based on your interests.

Relax with Technology – Comfort Lounger

There is no true struggle like wanting to read on your tablet while laying on your back. Either your straining your back trying to see or your shielding your face and blinding yourself in the sun. Thankfully, someone out there has finally found the fix to our woes and created the comfort lounger, a lounge chair with a padded opening for your head (if you choose to lay on your stomach). Now, you can watch TV on your tablet or read on your e-reader struggle-free at the beach or in your own backyard.


On sleepless nights, sometimes you just need the sound of a beach or rain falling on your roof to soothe yourself into slumber. How do you get the right amount of sound, though? With your head in the pillow, your hearing is muffled. This means either a) you can barely hear the noise, so you strain to hear which wakes you up, or b) the sounds are blaring, making it impossible to relax. Have no fear, for they have created a speaker pillow. Now, you can cozy into your pillow with a low-volume speaker. Now you can listen to whatever soothes you at the perfect level of sound. Pillows are still soft and cushy, and can come in stuffed animal versions for kids, too.

Relax with Technology – Heated Slippers

Getting cold feet in any sense of the phrase is not usually a good thing. When you’re trying to relax, warmth is a must, but in those awkward times of the season (autumn, we’re looking at you!), you don’t necessarily want to turn the heat on even though your limbs are freezing. You can keep your feet warm with these awesome heated slippers. Plug them into a USB outlet and they’ll give you toasty toes for hours at a time. They have nice looking slippers that are great if you have to run across the hall or grab the paper off of your stoop. There’s also fun options, like narwhals, for when you’re feeling a bit whimsical.

Technology can help you relax, despite what the nay-sayers think. There are so many other gadgets, apps, and other devices that can help you unwind and enjoy your me-time. As time goes on and new technology is created and improved, we’ll share more finds with you. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy some calm down time in your happy place.