Our Top Blog Posts of 2015!

Greetings friends!

This has been the first year that we’ve taken off with our blog, and all we can say is WOW! The outpour of support for what we’re sharing has been truly amazing. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of your kind words and input! Now, we present to you, in one handy-dandy list, a compilation of our top 15 blogs from ’15.

#15: Kids and Coding

Kids and Coding

A new favorite! The coding craze is taking the tech world by storm, and it’s spreading to kids. Why should we encourage kids to take up coding?

#14: Technology in Education: Improving Lives or Inhibiting Growth?


Technology in education is a debated topic. Should schools encourage technology or keep the two separate?

#13: Heart Technologies Collects for the Community


Heart Technologies supports our community. This fall, Heart employees collected canned goods for local nonprofit Neighborhood House.

#12: Can Social Media HELP Transportation?

social media transportation driving conditions

Social media is driving change in transportation industry and how weather is handled in driving conditions reporting.

#11: Automations Isn’t Eliminating Employment

7801182534_19a6c11c43_z copy

Automation has scared people for fear of losing their jobs to machines. In reality, this automated technology is taking out mundane tasks, allowing you to do your job to a higher quality.

#10: Thankful for Our Customers

Customers of Heart Technologies

We can’t say it enough: We LOVE our customers!

#9: The Holiday Spirit in our HEART

Heart Holiday Gift Giving

The holiday season is upon is, and at Heart Technologies, we’re bringing the spirit into the homes of those in our community.

#8: Surveillance Shifts in Senior Living

Senior Living Surveillance

2016 rings in the ability for all senior living residents to have surveillance cameras installed in their rooms. Learn more from the experts at Heart.

#7: Cyber Monday Security Tips

Cyber Monday Security

With so many cyber hacks recently, you’ll want your Cyber Monday security game to be the best it can! Heart provides you with some tips for online shopping

#6: Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

It’s virtually a necessity to have technology in the classroom, and it’s benefitting our students’ and teachers’ educational experiences.

#5: Tech Gift Guide 2015

Tech Gifts

Pick the perfect present for all the persnickety people in your life (or yourself!) with Heart Technologies’ tech gift guide, 2015 edition.

#4: Mac vs. PC: What’s the Difference


Apple & Windows essentially do the same thing, but what are the real differences? We show you Mac vs. PC similarities and differences.

#3: Thankful for Technology: Keeping Us Connected

Thankful For Technology

We take a look at how technology has influenced and improved our lives. Technology is taken for granted so often, yet it brings us together.

#2: Heart Technologies is Thankful for our CommunitiesHeart Technologies is Thankful For Our Community

We are so lucky to have such wonderful communities that welcome in Heart Technologies. From business expos to helping promote Great HEART Give and every little thing in between, we are so thankful for your constant support.

#1: Thankful for our Employees

Heart Technologies Loves Our Employees

What a wonderful top choice! Heart Technologies is thankful for our outstanding employees who provide great business technology solutions to all our central Illinois customers.


Once again, thank you to all who have read and shared their thoughts on our blog posts this year! If there’s something you’d like to hear more about in 2016, feel free to share in the comments below!