Mac vs. PC: What’s the Difference?

macPCThere are Mac people. There are PC people. There are people who have no clue.

To begin showing you the similarities and differences between the two, we must establish some things. “Mac” is referring to Apple and operating systems. “PC,” which stands for “personal computer,” will be referring to Windows operating systems. Because of PC’s definition, a PC could potentially be referring to an Apple computer being used for personal purposes, hence the clarification.

First, we’re going to attack the most commonly noted difference: price. Apple computers are easily upwards of $1,000, while there are plenty of Windows-operating PCs for under that price. For some, this is the deal breaker. If you have a more open approach to computers, though, you are getting what you pay for, making it difficult to truly compare the two. Apple computers are known for being built using better quality components, resulting in a higher cost. Finding a PC with the same RAM, processor speed, amount of USB ports, etc. at the same high-quality level that Apple promises its customers would make the costs for both more competitive.


Another aspect of difference is design. Apple has been known for its unique design since it burst onto the scene in the 1980’s. Throughout the last three decades, Apple has continued to create products with a look all their own, from the bright colors and clear plastic of the 1998 Apple computer series to the several different versions of iPod models created in the last ten years. While there are several PC models with a sleek, modern look, Apple has been known for having a look that stands out amongst the crowd with sleek aesthetics. This may be less than ideal for those who crave a different look. PCs come in every color, size, and look, while Macs do not offer as much design variety.

Software is another large difference between the two computer systems. You must also look at what comes with each computer, as it is likely that despite your computer selection, additional software programs will need to be bought. PCs will need more virus protection, while Apple computers will require you to buy Microsoft Office Suite for Mac if that is what your needs require. There is also a larger number of software options for PCs as opposed to Macs. One of the reasons that PCs are still so prevalent in businesses is the large amount of time and money required to switch technology over and teach employees to use Macs. Because PCs were around before Apple, the majority of people who can use computers were taught so on a PC. Because of the usability differences, some training in how to use Macs may be necessary for employees. This training time will in the end cost money in training hours and specialists to train, increasing the switching costs as well.

Overall, choosing Mac vs. PC is dependent on your personal preferences. Factors such as what you will be doing on your computer and your budget need to be considered in your purchase decision. Claiming that one is overall better than another is truly comparing oranges to, well, Apples.

Mac Vs. PC

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