Keeping Resolutions With Technology

4232411010_3e7afe8a4e_zIn our last post, we discussed how to make resolutions you can keep. In this post, we’re going to show you how you can use technology as a tool to help improve your chances of achieving success with your new year’s resolutions.

For almost any resolution, making lists is key. To keep track of your lists, there’s apps like Evernote and Wanderlist. If you’d like to know more about Evernote, take a look at our blog about it from August, because we’re about to dive into the app Wanderlist. Wanderlist lets you create one goal, then create mini-goals inside of it. For example, let’s say your resolution is to increase your productivity at work. In your Wanderlist app, create a new list, and BAM! Your goal is set. Now break it down into smaller bits. Maybe you want to install a time management software onto your work computer. Add that as a task, set a date for this to be done and reminders if you need them. Star tasks to bump up their priority level, and check them off when they’ve been completed. Your list can be emailed, printed, or shared with others online via the Wanderlist computer application. What’s great about this app its organized setup. The layout of having goals broken down into tasks and subtasks makes this app perfect for those with several goals, such as a work resolution, personal resolution, financial resolution, etc.


If you’re resolving to start or stop a habit, may be the right app for you. There’s something addictive about getting to check something off a list, right? That’s the basis behind You can set targets (such as meditating three times a week) and set reminders to make sure you don’t forget. Check in daily to report that you’ve completed the task, and you’ll receive milestone updates (like digital high fives!) to encourage your behaviors.


In our last blog, we talked about motivators and how merely wanting to do something may not be enough of a motivator to keep you stuck to your resolution. For some, the motivator is money, and for those, an app like kickit 2 might be just what you need. While it’s designed to help users quit smoking, it could be adapted to help over-spenders in other categories (Starbucks addicts, we’re looking at you!) as well. The sleek design shows you how long it’s been since you quit, how much you’ve saved, and shows you what fun purchases you can make based on how much money you’ve saved. It’s like a digital piggy bank that encourages the successful behaviors you need to fulfill your resolutions!


Besides apps, there are other ways you can use technology to your benefit. Share your goals online, or create a group with friends all choosing the same resolution. This group can be used to share successes and encourage each other when the going gets rough.  A simple Google search can connect you with online support groups for your resolutions as well, if that is applicable to your goal. Other tracking app designed more specifically for your goals can likely also be found with a quick Google search or queue in the App store on your smart device.

In conclusion, your resolutions, no matter how big or how small, are achievable. With the power of technology, you can harness more power than ever, making your goals more reachable than ever before.