Technology Influencing the Classroom Layout

classroom layout

Technology is becoming more and more of an essential in the educational environment. The traditional classroom layout was created to best suit that style of teaching and learning. Now that our educating methods are changing and technology’s importance is increasing, the classroom layout needs to alter to accommodate these changes and improve the learning environment for students and teachers alike.


The traditional college classroom layout features a podium at the front side of the room with rows of desks all facing the podium. This was an ideal setup for students who would listen to lectures and take notes accordingly. Now, the classroom has put the podium in the center of the classroom or removed the podium entirely. Rows of desks have been swapped out for oval or circular tables with outlets in the center. This allows for students to easily look at the professor during discussions and plug in their devices for optimal note taking and researching. Many classrooms now feature a smart board that projects the professor’s screen for step-by-step tutorials. These boards also give students and teachers to write on the board, highlighting key information, playing interactive games, and more.

Classroom Layout Tech

School libraries are transforming as well. The setup is shifting to allow for more outlets and comfortable seating for students to study on. Since most of the studying and schoolwork is done on the computer, a large amount of oversized tables are no longer necessary. These libraries are also great technological spaces for students because if they are having issues with their devices, many libraries also have some form of tech support, whether they be computer support staff members or computer science students. ID cards are used to rent books and materials, sign in and out of the library, and pay for scans and printed documents. Technology is shaping how we obtain our information, and our library layout is reshaping as well.

Students use the interior spaces at D.H. Library. Photo by Marc Hall

Overall, the library and classroom layout is changing as technology continues to change our world. By continuing to adapt and embrace new technologies in the educational environment, we are instilling in our students the necessity to evolve and adopt new technologies as they come about. Technology is something to be welcomed and incorporated into our daily lives in order to increase our productivity and simplify the world around us. By teaching our students early on that this technology and its accompanying changes should be welcomed and adopted early on will benefit us all in the long run.