How Technology is Influencing the Job Search

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Springtime brings in a season of refresh. For some, it’s spring cleaning. For others, it’s ending another school year and beginning a summer vacation. For some, it is beginning a new job or hiring on more employees. As we know, new and emerging technology is altering our work lives daily, so how we find, acquire and hire should be no different. In fact, ignoring technology and the opportunities it presents to job seekers and HR is really giving your competition the upper hand on collecting the best talent. If you’re wondering how the job search is evolving, see these insights.

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Social Media

Social media is adapting to help with the job search. Having a social media account in general shows that you aren’t afraid of technology, and staying current on technology is rarely seen as a downside in a job search. People that you connect with on social media are those that you interact with. Maybe they’re friends from high school or college, colleagues from your intramural basketball team, or former coworkers. Irregardless, they are people you know and that know you, and that can be a real advantage in the job search. Looking to these friends and acquaintances for job references or future employees can prove extremely beneficial.

What you share on your social networks can also be beneficial. If you choose to create a website, share with your friends! Write a blog? Share your favorite post. Do you create art, write music, or take amazing photographs? Share it online as well. Even if you are not looking for a job, this information can be kept in your friends’ “back pockets” so to say, for a rainy day.

Perfect example: I have a background in graphic design. One day, as my dad was scrolling through his Facebook feed, he saw an old friend was asking for help with a design as part of a gift for his wife for their anniversary. My father put his friend in contact with me, and BOOM! Despite not being out searching for a freelance opportunity, I was able to land a job based on what others knew about me. Reversely, his friend was able to hire someone to create this gift for his wife because of social media.

When discussing social media, we cannot neglect to talk about LinkedIn, the social network for the job search. Its 414 million users use the site to network, connect, and browse employment opportunities. Social media resonates so deeply with Millenials, and LinkedIn is no exception, with 39 million students and recent grads flocking to the site.

What makes LinkedIn work is that it allows users to lay out their résumé in a digital format, regardless of their web skills. LinkedIn users can fill in past job experience, upload projects, add links to other networks and portfolios, and be endorsed by colleagues in different career and personal aspects. It also provides a level playing field as far as aesthetics (although there are some personalization features that can be used), making it easier for recruiters to focus on the content presented. This allows a professional way to find new prospects and promote your job skills to the public.

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The Interview Process

Technology is helping make the selection process easier for everyone, including the interview process. Video interviews are now becoming more popular. In fact, 60% of companies are using video interviewing tactics to screen potential employees. Video interviews can be classified in two ways. One is a traditional interview process that is conducted over a webcam instead of in person. This happens often for companies looking at candidates out of the geographical area. This tactic allows for the interview to occur regardless of weather conditions, distance, and without commute times.

The other option for video interviews is to have prospective employees create a timed and recorded video and send to the recruiters. This video may be an answer to a question, a skills test relevant to the job they’re wanting, or some other demonstration of work capability.  The recruiters can watch the videos and narrow their search from there. This saves time for those who are not fit for the company as well as for those involved in the position-filling process, allowing them more time to devote to the most qualified candidates.

Interviewers are also implementing phone interviews, in which the interview is conducted over a conference call. This solution can be used when one or more interviewers are in different locations and/or the candidate is also not in the geographic area. While it is possible to conduct conference calls over webcam, in which multiple people are connected in one virtual space, it can be overwhelming for an interviewee, being unsure whom to look at and in the case of unreliable Internet services from different locations. Phone lines tend to have more reliability, especially when most conference calls are linked through an established landline connection.

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The Technology Behind It

There is no way any of this is possible for your business without technology. Whether it’s reliable Internet, top-notch phone services, bandwidth, email assistance, protected servers, or more, Heart Technologies may have the solution you need. At Heart, you can be sure that you will be taken care of by our trained and experienced professionals from the moment you pick up the phone to the installation and setup of your new technology. When it comes to your business, don’t trust anyone. Trust the local company that’s been providing innovating solutions to central Illinois for over 25 years. Take your technology to Heart.