Is it Bluetooth or WiFi?

Bluetooth or WiFi

In our world, there are two forms of data transmission: Bluetooth and WiFi. Both accomplish very different things, yet can easily be confused. WiFi and Bluetooth can be found on basically every smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and both are used to transmit data wirelessly. They can be used separately or in conjunction with one another. Using Bluetooth or WiFi is dependent upon what needs you require, but you must know the difference between the two in order to properly connect.


WiFi, also known as “wireless fidelity” creates a local wireless network for multiple devices to connect to the Internet via a central base station (router). Depending on the strength of the router, WiFi can cover an office, a house, or an entire school. If your web-enabled device is within range, it is able to connect to your WiFi for Internet capabilities. Your device will be prompted that you are in a wireless network and ask you to join. Many WiFi connections require a password to ensure security for the connection owner.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, has a very low range (on average, about 30 feet). With less reliability, Bluetooth connections are rarely used for Internet connection. No central base station is necessary, unlike WiFi, which means a “pairing” of the two devices is typically required for Bluetooth connections. A Bluetooth connection’s function is usually to connect two devices together for sharing capabilities, such as linking a keyboard to a computer or a speaker to a smartphone. These connections can also be used to connect laptops to other laptops to share files and information, such as AirDrop on Macs.

As previously stated, WiFi and Bluetooth can be used together. For example, say a friend was hosting a barbecue at his house. Your tech-savvy friend is wanting to play music on his speakers outside. He can connect his state-of-the-art speakers to his smartphone or laptop with Bluetooth capabilities. Now, the speakers will play the audio from the computer or phone. What if your friend doesn’t have a private collection of music on his device? He may choose to play songs from Spotify or Pandora. These services require the Internet, so he may connect to his home’s WiFi in order to access the Internet. In this scenario, both technologies are being used together, but for different purposes.

In conclusion, Bluetooth and WiFi, though similar, are actually quite different. Whether Bluetooth or WiFi, the important part is this: We are all sharing together.

Bluetooth or WiFi