Digital Trends in IoT

IoT devices

IoT can integrate through smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, desktops, and more!
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For some, IoT sparks thoughts of Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Others may think of the movie “Smart House,” where the house served as the children’s (overbearing) mother after a widowed father won the chance to move his family into the “house of the future.” Others may simply be unaware of what IoT is entirely (psst, you can find out here!). Regardless, you likely don’t think it’s for businesses. In reality, companies big and small find more and more value in IoT investments daily.

Think of why people choose IoT devices for their home. This technology makes it easy to maintain your home. Wherever you go, IoT allows you the ability to adjust your thermostat, turn lights on and off, review surveillance camera footage, and more.Take a closer look at that list. All of these abilities apply to owning a business as well.

IoT before

If this business owner smiles this big flipping a switch in the office, imagine how big he’d be grinning if he could do this from wherever he was!
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In addition, this technology creates proven ROI, while also easing stress on you, the business owner. The last shift worker forgot to turn off the lights? No problem, the fix is a simple click of a button on your smartphone. Can’t remember if you locked the doors? Another click. Receive a text alert from security about a potential threat? Yet another click to find the answer and take action. As the business owner, your freedom expands with this technology. You no longer need to be on site 24/7 because small fixes now take two seconds to restore from anywhere in the world.

In fact, Business Insider predicts that the next five years will bring in more than $3 trillion for IoT device industry. That number jumps to $8 trillion in ROI by 2020. Clearly, this “trend” is a far cry from a fad, and investing now may prove extremely beneficial in the future.

IoT cameras

Using IoT, traffic cameras can be recorded and monitored in real time. Truly, ANY business can benefit from IoT integration!
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This specific industry boom is being called the “Next Industrial Revolution.”  A well-selected title, this technology shows several ways to benefit virtually every industry. From agriculture to retail to healthcare, every business can find value and benefits in this technology. Shown below is a graphic from Business Intelligence that explains specifics for each sectors growth through IoT.

IoT industries

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