A HEARTfelt Cheers This Season

family snowman window

Modified Image. Original Credit: Flickr: Rahul Nair

For some, today is a special day, and for others, it may simply be a Friday. Regardless of what today means to you, it becomes a day for many to spend time with family and friends, strengthening your relationships, catching up, and reminding yourself of the important things in your life.

For some, this day is not the happiest of days. Maybe the loss of a loved one, a job, or other troubles have struck. Maybe the empty chair at the table for a family member who is unable to make it home with haunt the dinner table. Maybe this day is tinged with other bad memories. For those, we hope for peace and comfort on this day.

For some, this day has no meaning. Perhaps you do not celebrate Christmas, or perhaps you don’t celebrate holidays entirely. For those, we hope you a relaxing day spent however you prefer: with family, with friends, with a big ol’ bucket of popcorn at the movie theaters, on vacation, or simply enjoying some much-needed “me time.”

For those that do celebrate Christmas, we hope you have a day as sparkling and shining as you’ve dreamt about. May your day be spent spreading cheer with loved ones and embracing the spirit of giving. We hope your day is spent sharing joy with all you encounter and stomachs aching from delicious meals and full-belly laughs.

On this day, wherever you are, whomever you are with, remember to be glad for this day, whether for symbolism or just that you have been given one more day on this Earth to do with whatever you please.