Increase iPhone Storage with Google Photos

Google Photos App

I’m truly unsure of anything more frustrating than the constant notification of a full storage drive. iPhone users, you likely know what I’m talking about. As you click the shutter button to snap the perfect shot, an alert pops up informing you of insufficient space to save this photo. It’s the stuff of nightmares, really. Don’t believe me? Check this video:

I, too, fall victim to these notifications time and time again. Frankly, I grew sick of it. iCloud confuses me, and I therefore refused to pay for more iCloud storage when I used up all of my free gigabytes. I thought to myself, there must be another way. Thankfully, I found the key to fix this in Google Photos.

Google Photos hooks up to your Google account. For tons of reasons that can be divulged at a later time, everyone should create an email account with Google. It’s free, why not?! This app syncs your pictures to your Google storage.

The process is simple. Download the Google Photos app, and sign into your Google account. Then, select the pictures you want saved and sync!

Google Photos

Image from PC Mag

I recommend plugging your phone in before bed and setting up a sync, since this app uses Internet and a decent amount of battery power. The app needs to remain up and open to fully sync, hence why we make these suggestions. Perhaps setting up a sync before bed could be the best solution for you!

With that, Google Photos becomes an ideal way to keep your images safe and accessible from any web-enabled device without cramming up your phone storage. A win-win situation for most of us!