Best FREE Programs Your Computer Should Have

Your computer probably holds plenty of programs and documents. Does it hold the programs needed to run smoothly and last longer? We’ll show you what is out there that, when installed and used properly, improves your computer’s lifespan and workability.

NOTE: Before sharing our program suggestions and recommendations, we’d like to inform you that these selections were done so out of free will. Heart Technologies does not officially endorse these programs. Heart Technologies received no compensation from any selected program. Okay, back to the fun stuff.

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Antivirus/Malware Security

Of course, your computer’s health and safety relies on strong security against viruses and malware. When it comes to this, though, many people are lost. They know they need it, but not what to get. As a result, they give up. Giving up does nothing to improve your safety.

Heart suggests: Microsoft Security Essentials 

This may come standard on your PC if you purchased it recently. It’s a lightweight and unobtrusive option that Microsoft frequently updates. Be sure to update early and often to ensure the best safety for your computer and its files!


Backup Solutions

Without a backup, your computer becomes a ticking time bomb. One wrong click or successful virus results in a loss of everything on your device. Recovering these files may be impossible. Therefore, it is important to back up your computer early and often.

Heart suggests: DropBox or Amazon Cloud (Prime users–it’s included in your membership!)

Both allow you to save and store files that can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet, and any computer. If you desire more storage, tiered pricing options offers that ability.

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Internet Browsers

Your computer probably came with one, but that in no way means it’s the best browser. By choosing an alternative browser, you may experience faster load times, better options for saving and sharing, and increased security.

Heart suggests: Firefox or Google Chrome

Both offer safe, fast, and free Internet browsing capabilities.

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You use your work email and text messages, but the need for a personal email account remains a necessity. If you switch jobs, lose your phone, or want to have communications that can’t be tracked by your employer, you’re going to want a separate email for that.

Heart suggests: Gmail 

Gmail offers great integration with other websites (signing up for email or creating accounts becomes a breeze with Gmail!) as well as auto-filtering your emails to make sorting through unread mail that much easier.