The One Thing to Do Before Updating Software

Yes, we know it is so important to update your software as soon as its available. We mention it all the time. Software updates provide your technology with increased security, bug fixes, and more.

However, accidents happen. One minute, your phone begins a new software install. The next, your phone wipes itself clean of all your information. When you update the software–or switch entire versions, such as going from iOS 9 to iOS 10–you do risk losing your information.

I’m sure you’re sitting there scratching your head. If I’m at risk without the update and at risk while updating, what can I do? Your valid concern possesses one answer above them all: back up your device(s).

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Why Should I Backup Before Updating Your Software?

Backing up your devices creates an additional copy of everything on your device. Pictures, videos, documents, emails, contacts, etc. become saved elsewhere in case of any malfunction.

When software is updated or installed, your device takes the old software out to replace it with new. In the swap, your information can get mangled. Sometimes, one or two items disappear. In other cases, the entire device wipes itself completely. Without a backup, any lost items remain missing forever. It’s your safest bet to take the additional time to back up your device before updating.

How Can I Backup My Device?

Plug your device into your computer. For most mobile devices, plugging your USB cord into your computer syncs your device with the computer and/or your cloud backup software, such as iCloud.

Purchase an external hard drive. For a reasonable cost, you can purchase a large amount of storage for your computer and devices. Plug the drive into your computer and sync the two together for a complete backup.

Some external drives now include cloud storage capabilities. This allows you to backup your mobile devices to the same external hard drive as your computer. Simply plug your drive into your computer, download the necessary app, and sync the two together.

Use cloud storage options. Tons of cloud storage apps now exist, and many come at low or no cost. Popular options include iCloud, Google Photos, and DropBox.

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