Apps Going to the Dark Side

apps with dark themes

Now that apps are a huge part of our interactions digitally, trends form and transform continually. The latest trend in app design seems to be dark colored themes. In fact, Apple even jumped on the dark theme trend. Now, some of its basic apps, such as Clock and iBooks, include dark theme options. What is driving this trend?

dark themed apps

Why Go Dark (With Your Apps’ Themes)?

Your phone is a backlit device. Because of this, your screen is especially bright. If you ever experience difficulties seeing your phone in bright daylight, this is why. Dark colors allow for brighter colors to be seen easier on the screen in brightly lit situations.

Think about Spotify. Spotify features a dark theme on its app. When browsing through album covers to find the perfect song for outdoor activities, this dark theme provides easier viewing of these brightly colored album covers. You just need to know what the album looks like. 😉

In addition, think of times you often browse your phone. Habitually, many people wake up or settle in for the evening by browsing on their phone. In the darkness of your bedroom, your apps can be blinding. This causes great strain on your eyes, that can cause eye issues later down the line–or sooner.

We want to keep those peepers healthy, so using a dark theme can help. Choosing dark shades in your app’s color palette makes it easier on the eyes. In the dark, the colors require less light to project, making it easier for your eyes to see.

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Can light-themed apps be causing eye strain?
Flickr: Seth Sawyers

What apps use dark themes?

If you are looking for new apps to use, VentureBeat created a list of 25 apps that use this dark palettes. All of these apps, available for iOS devices, allow you to complete apps in a platform that promotes better eye health.

The article also contains this wise piece of advice:

While the iOS operating system does have an Invert Colors option (Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations) that forces apps with a light background to go dark, iOS is lacking a full-blown dark mode that keeps photos and other content looking the way it should. So app-specific dark themes are generally a good way to go at this point.

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